Our Published Reports: A Timeline

February 2022:
New Jersey Magnified
Rent relief sign and almost empty jar with money.

March 2022:
Paper bag with food delivered to people in need at home, the concept of charitable assistance, fast delivery of products by courier service
Evaluation with woman using her smartphone on a couch
asian chinese mother videocall working from home at dining table with her daughter drawing

April 2022:
women workers

May 2022:
Grandmother, mother and daughter unpacking groceries in the kitchen

June 2022:
Graphic of diverse hands all reaching together over a multicolored painted heart

July 2022:
Childcare worker and children
Freshman Science Course Taking

August 2022:

September 2022:
Adjusted Intercounty Equalized Municipal Tax Rates in New Jersey, 2020
Discipline Disparities in NJ High Schools

November 2022:
Equitable Property Acquisitions & Flood Buyback

December 2022:
Childcare Supply-Demand in New Jersey

January 2023:
Math Course-taking in New Jersey High Schools
ARez Community Resilience in New Jersey

February 2023:
Garden State Open Data Index

March 2023:
NJ Cannabis Survey

April 2023:
Using Technology to Reduce SNAP Learning Costs Report

May 2023:
The Status of New Jersey's Childcare Infrastructure Report
One Million More Acres Report

June 2023:
New Jersey School Aid Formula
Youth Mental Health in New Jersey Report

August 2023:
Photo of a man in an all-terrain wheelchair speaking to a woman standing next him on a trail overlooking a body of water. They appear to be discussing a sign on the side of the trail that identifies local flora.
Analyzing Child-Care Provider Subsidies in New Jersey: Issues, Impacts, and Options