Public Administration

Lame Duck Session Ends Without Action on Key Issues – The 2022-2023 legislative session concluded with a flurry of activity in the legislature and Gov. Murphy’s office, but several key issues remain on the docket for the next session, including a ban on smoking in casinos, expansion of affordable housing, liquor license reform, expanded paid family leave, a ban on book bans, revising the Open Public Records Act to curb data mining, and requiring age verification and parental permission to create accounts on social media. These issues may see more attention in 2024-2025. (

New Community Crisis Response Teams Offer Alternative to Policing – Gov. Murphy signed on Jan. 12 the Seabrooks-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act, assembly bill A5326, codified as P.L.2023, c.259, which establishes a $12 million program to create community crisis response teams to handle mental health emergency calls in six NJ counties: Camden, Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, and Passaic. The legislation is in response to police killings of two Black men experiencing mental health crises, Najee Seabrooks in March 2023 and Andrew Washington in August 2023, and follows the expansion of ARRIVE Together, a program which pairs mental health workers with police officers on certain calls. (

Murphy Signs ‘Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights’ – On Jan. 12, Gov. Murphy signed the New Jersey Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Act (S723 codified as P.L.2023, c.262,) which establishes a set of protections and rights for around 50,000 domestic workers in the state who provide services for roughly a third of NJ families. The law establishes protection from discrimination and the right to unemployment, paid family leave, and workers’ compensation insurance as well as temporary disability benefits for workers who have been largely excluded from labor protections. Employers will face penalties for non-compliance. NJ is the 11th state to pass such legislation, and the new law will take effect in July. (

New Law Requires Translation of Government Documents into Seven Languages – Gov. Murphy signed S2459, codified as P.L.2023, c.263, on Jan. 12, which requires government agencies to offer forms, notices, and documents in seven of the most commonly spoken languages of the state. Currently, many documents are translated into Spanish, while 32.3% of NJ residents five and older speak a language other than English. The initiative will receive $500,000 in funding. (


Transportation and the Environment

Murphy Signs the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management Act – The new Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management Act, signed by Gov. Murphy on Jan. 8 and codified as P.L.2023, c.222, will require producers of electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries to develop practices to safely reuse, recycle, or dispose of batteries. Consumers will be able to take the used batteries to a location designated by the producer or to a Department of Environmental Protection recycling center – for free. The bill also prohibits the disposal of lithium-ion batteries in landfills and will take effect in one year. (Return on Information NJ)

Ban Enacted on PFA Firefighting Foam – Gov. Murphy signed A4125 on Jan. 8, which prohibits the sale, manufacture, distribution, and use of firefighting foam which contains perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl or PFA substances – known as forever chemicals – which do not decompose in nature and are linked to serious health conditions. Firefighters exposed to foams containing PFAs experience higher rates of cancer. Because the foam containing PFAs is highly effective and a sufficient alternative is still being developed, the ban will be phased in over two years for most facilities, four years for certain industrial facilities, or eight years for oil refineries and petroleum terminals. The legislation allocates $250,000 to the Department of Environmental Protection to assist municipal fire departments in disposing of existing PFA foam stock. (NJ Spotlight News)



Attorney General’s Office Announces Initiative to Stop Discrimination in Appraisals – On Dec. 12, the NJ Attorney General’s Office announced a new Home Appraisal Discrimination Initiative to prevent bias in property appraisals. The new initiative builds on efforts by the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce anti-discrimination legislation such as the Fair Share Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act. (



New Law to Promote Menstrual Health Awareness – Murphy signed into law A3737, codified as P.L.2023, c.240, which calls on the state Department of Health to conduct a public awareness campaign about menstrual health, particularly conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affect respectively 11% and 6-12% of people with uteruses in the U.S. and carry further health risks. (NJ Spotlight News)

New Law Enables More Mental Healthcare Workers to Bill Medicaid – Murphy signed S2716, codified as P.L.2023, c.213, on Jan. 8, which will allow clinical social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists to bill NJ Family Care, NJ’s Medicaid program, for their services. The legislation addresses a mental healthcare provider shortage in the state as well as expands access to services for people enrolled in Medicaid. (NJ Spotlight News)

New Law Enables Online Gym Membership Cancellation – On Jan. 8, Gov. Murphy signed A3892, codified as P.L.2023, c.241, which requires that gyms or health clubs allow online membership cancellation when the member enrolled online. The effort aims to curb gyms’ practices of requiring in-person membership cancellation, which makes the process burdensome for members. The new law goes into effect in three months. (



Murphy Signs Set of Bills to Address Teacher Shortage – On Jan. 8, the final day of the 2022-2023 legislative session, Gov. Murphy signed a pair of bills which will address NJ’s teacher shortage. A5417, codified as P.L.2023, c.251, prohibits limiting the number of county college credits which may be applied to educator preparation programs and teacher certification programs. S2764, codified as P.L.2023, c.215, establishes the VETeach Pilot Program, which will facilitate veterans’ attainment of teacher certification – addressing at once the teacher shortage and the low employment rate among veterans. (NJ Spotlight News)



New Protections for Domestic Violence Survivors – Gov. Murphy signed into law new protections for survivors of domestic violence on Jan. 8, including A3093 (codified as P.L.2023, c.239), which authorizes the court to make provisions to include unborn children in orders of protection; A1704 (codified as P.L.2023, c.234), which requires orders of protection to be made available in languages other than English in certain circumstances; and A1475 (codified as P.L.2023, c.230), which requires the court to consider coercive control in proceedings – expanding which behaviors might be considered domestic violence to include monitoring communications and finances, threatening to make reports to the police, and isolation. Advocates hope that Gov. Murphy will sign an additional piece of legislation before Jan. 15, A5285, which would give survivors access to police records. (NJ 101.5)


Final Legislative Actions

Action Bill No. Bill Title Date
Pass A5813 Exempts electricity sold to certain recovered materials manufacturing facilities from renewable energy portfolio standards. 1/8/24
Pass S4081 Allows the board of county commissioners to hold an annual meeting at certain additional locations other than the Superior Court. 1/8/24
Pass A5648 Authorizes the State Treasurer to sell as surplus property certain land and improvements in the Township of Morris in Morris County. 1/8/24
Pass S3969 Allows credit against contract cost for primary care services managed by health care providers for public employees and their dependents; allows referrals to other providers that have contractual relationships with such health care providers. 1/8/24
Pass S3957 Expands exemptions from drug paraphernalia laws to also exempt certain harm reduction supplies. 1/8/24
Pass S3916 Expands eligibility for wildlife fencing programs to farmers leasing farmland; clarifies eligibility and provides uniform funding levels for grant recipients. 1/8/24
Pass A5501 Adjusts bid threshold amounts for certain public research universities; permits certain contracts for school districts, municipalities, and counties to be awarded by a qualified purchasing agent. 1/8/24
Pass A5417 Prohibits limiting the number of county college credits that may be applied towards educator preparation programs and teacher certification requirements. 1/8/24
Pass S3723 “Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management Act.” 1/8/24
Pass A5281 Eliminates the position of constable; removes statutory references to constable; repeals various parts of statutory law; implements the recommendation of the State Commission of Investigation report concerning the elimination of constables. 1/8/24
Pass A5208 Extends the provisions of P.L.2021, c.498 in certain circumstances (permits a retired member of the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) to return to employment with the Legislature under certain circumstances) 1/8/24
Pass S3604 Authorizes the use of healthcare platforms providing discounted prices for payment of prescription and non-prescription drugs or devices and for telehealth and telemedicine services. 1/8/24
Pass S3490 Amends certain requirements for the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment and Make-Ready parking spaces. 1/8/24
Pass A5036 Requires an “Electronic Permit Processing Review System” in the Department of Community Affairs to enable applicants to submit electronic signatures and certain other submission materials for permit application review. 1/8/24
Pass S3409 Updates certain insurance company investment provisions in accordance with the Investments of Insurers Model Act. 1/8/24
Pass A4913 Requires carriers to offer health care providers more than one method of payment for reimbursement. 1/8/24
Pass A4729 Revises the method for appraisals of farmland to be acquired for farmland preservation purposes. 1/8/24
Pass A4757 Requires the Department of Community Affairs to conduct surveys and report data related to homelessness in administering the Rental Assistance Navigation Program. 1/8/24
Pass S3079 Establishes a School Safety and Security Task Force. 1/8/24
Pass A4614 Modifies the Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program. 1/8/24
Pass S3013 Revises the definitions of women’s business enterprise and minority business enterprise. 1/8/24
Pass S2789 Requires certain permit holders to complete practice driving hours to obtain a probationary driver’s license. 1/8/24
Pass A4125 Prohibits the sale, manufacture, distribution, and use of firefighting foam containing intentionally added perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances; requires the Department of Environmental Protection to establish a collection and disposal program; appropriates $250,000. 1/8/24
Pass S2760 Concerns structural integrity regulations for certain residential buildings. 1/8/24
Pass S2764 Establishes the “VETeach Pilot Program” in the Department of Education to facilitate the teacher certification of veterans. 1/8/24
Pass S2716 Requires NJ FamilyCare to reimburse claims for covered services submitted by clinical social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists under certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass A4052 Establishes a three-year sickle cell disease pilot program; appropriates $10,200,000. 1/8/24
Pass A3892 Requires an online option for the cancellation of the automatic renewal of health club services subscriptions entered into online; provides additional options for cancelling health club services contracts under certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass A3737 Establishes a menstrual health public awareness campaign. 1/8/24
Pass S2057 Requires certain documentation of needs of students with disabilities during school security drills and emergency situations and in school security plans; requires staff training on needs of students with disabilities in emergency planning. 1/8/24
Pass S1892 Authorizes certain boards of education to issue bonds to repair damages caused by natural disasters in certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass A3093 Authorizes the court to include in domestic violence restraining orders a provision making the order applicable to a pregnant victim’s child upon the birth of the child. 1/8/24
Pass A2351 Permits the court to effectuate equitable distribution when a complaint for divorce or dissolution of civil union has been filed and either party has died prior to a final judgment; provides that the surviving party would not receive an intestate or elective share. 1/8/24
Pass A2138 Establishes a professional board to regulate home improvement and home elevation contractors and requires licensure for each type of contractor. 1/8/24
Pass S1438 Allows unions to file wage claim suits on behalf of workers regardless of their union affiliation. 1/8/24
Pass S1228 Allows certain airports to carry over certain grant money into future years. 1/8/24
Pass S1211 Provides for civil actions against persons or entities profiting from the commission of human trafficking offenses or maintaining victims of such offenses. 1/8/24
Pass A1707 Establishes presumption that the Victims of Crime Compensation Office will order payments to victims of crime. 1/8/24
Pass A1475 Requires the court to consider information concerning coercive control in domestic violence proceedings. 1/8/24
Pass A111 Provides that farms, farmstands, or other agricultural operations selling firewood obtained from a property other than the seller’s shall not be considered a lumber yard; prohibits the sale of untreated firewood from outside of the State. 1/8/24
Pass A649 Expands the purposes for which civil asset forfeiture funds may be used by law enforcement agencies. 1/8/24
Pass A1507 Permits chair or booth rentals for the purpose of providing cosmetology and hairstyling services or ancillary services. 1/8/24
Pass A831 Provides for the reciprocity of certain out-of-state Emergency Medical Technician certifications; establishes a criminal history record background check process. 1/8/24
Pass S765 Prohibits carriers from precluding dentists from billing covered persons under certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass S530 Requires certain school meal information be provided to public school students’ parents and requires school districts to request that families apply for school meals under certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass A2040 Requires the Commissioner of Human Services to request authorization for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to be used to pay delivery charges for online grocery purchases. 1/8/24
Pass A1570 Authorizes the issuance of special license plates for alumni of four-year public institutions of higher education.
Pass S652 Permits the governing body of municipalities having a population of 30,000 or less to serve as the local board of health; validates certain actions. 1/8/24
Pass S762 Concerns the certification of tax collectors. 1/8/24
Pass A1581 Requires the Motor Vehicle Commission to provide a customer service telephone number at motor vehicle inspection facilities. 1/8/24
Pass A1704 Requires domestic violence orders to be issued in other languages in addition to English under certain circumstances. 1/8/24
Pass S553 Adds technology transfer duties to the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology. 1/8/24
Veto A5283 Requires the calculation of national average times needed to approve applications for initial credentials in professions or occupations and the use of average times as standard in New Jersey. 1/8/24
Veto A3677 Prohibits the sale, distribution, import, export, or propagation of certain invasive species without a permit from the Department of Agriculture; establishes the NJ Invasive Species Council. 1/8/24