Last week, the New Jersey State Policy Lab hosted a meet and greet presentation at the New Jersey State House. This event was an opportunity for NJSPL researchers to present their findings to state legislators and discuss what future work can be done to best assist the state with policy research.

We give thanks to Assemblyman Dan Benson for facilitating this event, and to the legislators and staff from the offices of Assemblyman Reginald Atkins, Assemblyman Clint Calabrese, Assemblyman Herb Conaway, Senator Patrick Diegnan, Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer, Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, Governor Murphy, Assemblyman Kevin Rooney, Assemblyman William Sampson, and the NJ Consortium for Immigrant Children, who engaged in lively discussions with our researchers and staff.

Dr. Elizabeth Cooner, Executive Director of the NJSPL and Dr. Stuart Shapiro, the Principal Investigator of the NJSPL and the Interim Dean of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, shared insights about a wide range of research the New Jersey State Policy Lab is conducting. Dr. Gregory Porumbescu (co-Principal Investigator of NJSPL), Dr. Vandeen Campbell, Dr. Michael Hayes, and Dr. Charles Payne presented findings from their research on digital and technological equity, cannabis legalization, and disparities in access to education.

The NJSPL looks forward to continuing these dialogues to advance the needs of the state going into 2023 and beyond.