The Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (CNCR) works in public domains to improve the process of decision-making in order to yield results that satisfy interests and meet public needs. CNCR also works to improve dispute resolution processes. We believe that solutions that work–and last–are more likely to be achieved by constructive negotiation, consensus-building and problem-solving than by force or adversarial argument.

Our Mission

Created in 1986, the Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution’s mission has included education, training, research and direct services in preventing and resolving disputes. We operate as a “think-tank” on a wide range of issues in negotiation and conflict resolution to stimulate and act as a catalyst for research and practical application in policy and planning domains. We work with groups within and outside the state that have a vital interest in improving the way disputes are managed, such as the judiciary, agencies of state government, bar associations and a range of not-for-profit entities such as economic development, planning and policy, advocacy and professional groups.

Areas of Expertise

Collaboration | Peacebuilding | Conflict Resolution | Arbitration | Public Decision-making and Conflict Management | Mediation


Linda Stamato and Sanford M. Jaffe

Popular Topics


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