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702, 2024

Believe in democracy? Then, I’ve got some bad news for you. | Opinion

NJSPL Policy Fellow Linda Stamato discusses an upcoming law the New Jersey State Legislature is currently weighing that would make it easier for county sheriffs to conduct home foreclosure auctions online, depriving newspapers of paid auction ads and a valuable income source for many local papers already struggling to stay in business.

2501, 2024

Op-Ed: NJ must make good use of opioid settlement funds

New Jersey will be receiving approximately $1.1 billion from the recent opioid settlement award money, and NJSPL Policy Fellow Linda Stamato advocates that the state should use these funds to develop an integrated system of collaborative care with medical and nonmedical professionals to confront and address opioid addiction.

1101, 2024

For the Biden administration’s 2024 regulations, timing is crucial

The Biden administration has released its Fall 2023 Agenda and listed the planned regulations for all executive branch agencies for 2024 and beyond, but the administration will need to balance when to issue these regulations as the president approaches his incumbent reelection, writes NJSPL Principal Investigator Dean Stuart Shapiro in a new op ed from The Hill.

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