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206, 2023

Generative AI and Public Administration: Opportunities and Challenges

NJSPL Co-Principal Investigator Gregory Porumbescu will be a co-editor on a special issue of Public Performance and Management Review, which will be focusing on the potential generative artificial intelligence to transform administrative decision-making and impact the way the public engages with government agencies.

1205, 2023

NJ rolling out $50M in child care grants

Yahoo! News referenced a recent report published by the New Jersey State Policy Lab and the Center for Women Work examining the state of the childcare industry in an article announcing that New Jersey has now invested $50 million to support the state's childcare centers.

1005, 2023

The Launch of the Long Game

Linda Stamato, NJSPL Policy Fellow and co-founder of the Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, argues that the best way to combat the "war" on higher education is by understanding the roots of the criticism, going all the way back to the Powell memo written in 1971.

2203, 2023

How the East Palestine derailment and Silicon Valley Bank failure are connected | Op-ed

How do the East Palestine derailment & the Silicon Valley Bank failure connect? These two events may not seem to have much in common at a glance, but Stuart Shapiro, interim dean of the Bloustein School and Principal Investigator of the NJSPL, examines the federal regulations for both that came into play in an op-ed from The Hill.

1403, 2023

Webinar: Government Transparency – State of the Art and New Perspectives

This webinar recording included an online discussion and Q&A on "Government Transparency: State of the Art and New Perspectives," which was co-authored by NJSPL Co-Principal Investigator Gregory Porumbescu and Albert Meijer and Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen from Utrecht University.

2802, 2023

A plan to cancel student college debt is on the docket. Here’s some perspective. | Opinion

Linda Stamato, NJSPL Policy Fellow and co-founder of the Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, wrote a new op-ed discussing the United States Supreme Court's upcoming decision to whether or not President Biden’s action to cancel any amount of student debt passes constitutional muster.

1602, 2023

Trump and the future of the Civil Service

The interim dean of Rutgers University Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and Principal Investigator of the NJSPL, Stuart Shapiro discusses his recent book in which he examines the impact of the Trump administration’s attempt to “deconstruct the administrative state" in an op-ed on The Hill.

202, 2023

A study by Rutgers-Newark says families need to know about new financial aid programs and applying through FAFSA

Dr. Robyn Ince, Executive Director of the Newark City of Learning Collaborative and Research Affiliate of the NJSPL, was interviewed on WBGO 88.3FM regarding the recent case study her team published, in which they interviewed various individuals from Newark to better understand their awareness regarding certain college financial aid programs.

3001, 2023

How Newark Sees College Aid

Inside Higher Ed featured an article about a recent report from the New Jersey State Policy Lab in collaboration with the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies and the Newark City of Learning Collaborative, which interviewed families about their perception and understanding of Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG) and Garden State Guarantee (GSG) financial aid programs.

2911, 2022

A perspective on quantifying resilience: Combining community and infrastructure capitals

A new report was published in Science of the Total Environment, authored by Firas Gerges, Rayan H. Assad, Hani Nassif, Elie Bou-Zeid, & Michel C. Boufadel, which examined different community resilience approaches to climate change.

3006, 2022

Policy Fellows Stamato and Jaffe Suggest Negotiation for Aiding Talks in the Russia-Ukraine War

"Negotiation may be more promising if the focus shifts from a final resolution of the protracted conflict to an interim plan with these initial objectives: (a) to cease the fighting and (b) to consider occupied territory “neutral,” and under a protectorate, until a complete resolution can be determined."

2906, 2022

Public Views on the Reallocation of Street Space Due to COVID-19

New Research from Professors Robert B. Noland, Evan Iacobucci, and Wenwen Zhang evaluate the support for street space that was reallocated during the pandemic.

505, 2022

Browsing for food: Will COVID-induced online grocery delivery persist?

This article by Hannah Younes, Robert B. Noland, and Wenwen Zhang tracked the trend of online grocery shopping before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

1603, 2022

EJB Talks’ Stuart Shapiro talks with Executive Director Elizabeth Cooner

Elizabeth Cooner, Executive Director of the New Jersey State Policy Lab talks about the Lab’s mission of conducting rigorous evidence-based research to help inform New Jersey’s policymakers on solutions to important policy questions that are effective, innovative, and always have a focus on equity.

103, 2022

Newark’s Response to Pandemic Housing Crisis is a ‘Success Story’, Study Says

The City of Newark’s ability to distribute federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funds during a housing crisis spurred by the coronavirus pandemic was lauded as a “success story” compared to other large New Jersey cities, according to a recent study by the New Jersey State Policy Lab at Rutgers University.

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